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Welcome to Writing About Gossip and Gender! This course is designed to provoke thought about gossip--its origins, its connotations, and its place in society--while examining the position of gender in society and how it is depicted. Gossip is everywhere and comes in all shapes and sizes

Throughout this course students will:

  • Explore Gossip through different lenses such as feminism and queer theory

  • Position their own perspectives on the topic

  • See how Gossip is used in popular culture

  • Incorporate Technology in their Writing Process

  • Apply major rhetorical concepts of Ethos, Pathos, Logos and positions of purpose and audience, and see how they take shape across media

  • Compose using multiple modes and multiple media to explore a full range of composing possibilities.

  • Understand Logical Fallacies

  • Use Research to establish a position/argument

  • Approach Research as an Inquiry Based Process

  • ​Establish a critical eye to media, representation and experience

  • Become active producers of knowledge through media instead of passive consumers--"Prosumers."

Writing About Gossip and Gender


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